TV Assistive listening devices(ADLs)

Brief introduction of TV-specific assistive listenging devices(ALDs) TV listening aid

TV listening aid for hearing imparied

TV listening aid for hearing imparied

There are many names for such TV-specific Assistive Listenging Devices(ALDs),like TV listening aid,TV Listening device,TV Assistive listening device,TV hearing aid,TV headphones,TV earphones,etc.

There is no uniform name for such devices yet.

All these devices include a base,which acts as audio singal transmitter and headset battery charger,connecting TV through RCA TV cables,3.5mm audio cables,digital optical fiber cables.

Also they include a headset,which acts as audio signal transmitter.Many manufacturers like soundaids ourself has added a MIC function inside,which makes the headset itslef a portable personal sound amplifier for users.

Most of such TV assistive listenging devices(ALDs) TV listening aid has volume,tone,balance,mono-stereo sound quality for wearers to adjust themselves,all are very easy to use.

There devices mainly use Infra-red(IR),Radio-Frequency(RF),Bluetooth technology to transmit TV audio signal.

Such devices are mainly for hearing imparied people and elder people.

Some hearing aids wearers still have trouble hearing TV clearly also needs it.

In my next page i shall brief write the differences among different technologies used for TV listening aid.

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