TV Assistive listening devices(ADLs)

why Soundaids 2.4G TV listening device SATV is the best TV assistive listening devices(ALDs) in 2017

why Soundaids 2.4G TV listening device SATV is the best TV assistive listening devices(ALDs) in 2017

soundaids 2.4G TV listening device SATV series

soundaids 2.4G TV listening device SATV

Soundaids are formed by several core members who have been digging in assistive listening devices,mainly TV assistive listening devices for years including engineerings,sales and production management of TV listening device.

Now we gladly announce that our first type TV hearing aids SATV is finally launched.

According to our experience,many users,especially those seniors who have suffered from hearing loss,also can not escape from poor eyesight.

so we think our TV listening device SATV must take this into consideration.

We really met customer complaints about headset charging,as the headset they used required right direction and must 100% right,otherwise the charging needles will break and the whole set of TV listening deivce will become useless for users.

It is due to unreasonable headset design and battery design for seniors,maybe the designers think there is nothing wrong,all audlts will know how to charge it right surely,they do not consider the seniors with hearing imparied situations are much more complicated.

so we made our 2.4G TV hearing aid SATV headset much more easy to charge,Headsetusers just need to place the headset into the base,it will charge automatically.

Headset both sides chargeable,so users will never worry about directions again.

Also the elastic charging needles in the base will have little chance to break.


we understand that convenience of use is very important,but more important is as a TV listening device,it must make sure uses can enjoy a high quality  TV audio wirelessly and contiously.

So,for 2.4G signal,we know its signal situations are much more complicated than IR or bluetooth.

So we work together with Taiwan big solution company to develop our own 2.4G solution,meeting all key requirements of TV assistive listening devices.

Most basically and important,the 2.4G signal must be stable and little interference.

So we add FHSS technology into our solution,even cost increase,but we think it is it can smartly avoid any possible signal interference,so users will never aware there is any signal interference.

They will only enjoy the TV audio smoothly all the time,and can go for over 30 meters,and can though walls.

Also we add digital optical fiber options for digital TV users.


So seniors of hard of hearings can enjoy soundaids 2.4G TV listening device with their prefered tone,volume,balance all the time.