TV Assistive listening devices(ADLs)

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs)

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs)

2.4G digital wireless TV Assistive Listening Devices SATV001D

TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs), Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs),TV listening devices, TV hearing aids, there are so many names for it.

Now we briefly analyse the advantages and disadvantages of TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs).

TV assistive listening devices advantages and disadvantages

1how it works:

Generally, the TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs) uses a transmitter or headset microphone to locate target audio source. Then amplify the sound signal by inside circuits and then pass the sound to wearers ‘ears wirelessly.

While, for hearing aids, it amplify all sound around wearer; even noise can be heard loudly for hearing aids wearers. this is why we find many hearing aids wearers still have problem hearing TV clearly. it feels:

TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs) is a wireless TV listening system, so it has a audio transmitter(base),and a audio receiver(headset).The base has some wires to be connected with TV or other entertainment equipments.

The wire connection may be a challenging for some seniors, as they are too old or have a poor eyesight to get all wires connected right. In most cases their families or friends will help them fix it.

Also the headset is a bit heavy, after long time use, some wearers may feel burdened or ears hurt.. The main weight of the headset is the rechargeable battery, but battery weight is for its big capacity, light battery will dramatically reducing its one working cycle.

After soundaids several years experiences, we have a good idea for wearers how to solve this problem.

For details, please visit the video we uploaded:

Also because of its headset shape and earbuds are for all, a few wearers may feel not so fit for themselves.

Hearing aids are developed according to every wearers special ear shape and structures, so it surely fits much better.

Also hearing aids is very small, and light weight, hearing aids wearers will surely feel better.

Also nowadays due to advanced technologies, many hearing aids can be made invisible.

For those who do not wish others notice they are wearing a hearing device, the invisible hearing aids is really a blessing.

3.How it costs

TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs) is manufactured by bulk orders, and deal like any regular consumer electronics. There is no customization involved. Also it does not require any medical certificates to produce or sell in special channels. So overall its price is very low, almost anyone can afford it..

Hearing aids needs special medical certificates, also its materials, permission in any market, sale in special medical channels, all have requirements.

This is why we can see there are a lot of hearing aids shops, but almost only several big brands, controlled by several international big groups.

And finally, its final finished product needs wearers customization.

So hearing aids prices are usually very high.

So, for seniors and the hard of hearings, we suggest them consider soundaids TV Assistive Listening Devices(ALDs),which is a affordable and very high cost performance options.